Lift Station, Plant City, FL

We understand the critical importance of your lift station and can help you ensure that it remains in good repair.

Lift Station in Plant City, Florida

If you live or work on a property that is outside the bounds of your local waste facility, that means you rely on a septic system. Septic systems depend on gravity in order to function properly. However not all properties are laid out in a way that the septic system can rely on gravity alone. This is where lift stations come in. When the gradient level does not allow for natural flow, a lift station pumps the wastewater from lower ground to a higher level where it can then progress into the septic system.

Lift stations work by catching and storing sewage in a pit. When this pit becomes full, a signal is sent to activate a pump that will then pump out the contents of the pit where they can continue on towards the septic tank. Clearly, you can see how a problem with your lift station can lead to a very messy situation. Not only can a defective lift station lead to critical repairs, but it can also be dangerous as the stored sewage can release harmful gases, such as methane and hydrogen sulfide.

Here at Brandon Septic, we are well prepared to intervene whenever you have a problem with your lift station in Plant City, Florida. Whether it be regular maintenance and cleaning or repairs of an existing lift station or the installation of a new system, you can rely on us to provide excellent workmanship. We stand behind all of our work and will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied working with us.

We look forward to helping you with all of your septic components, including your lift station. For any questions you may have, call our knowledgeable and friendly team here at Brandon Septic.

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