Drain Field, Valrico, FL

Let our drain field services and advice keep your septic system operating efficiently.

Drain Repair in Valrico, Florida
Most people who have a septic system are well-informed when it comes to how to properly care for the septic tank, but do not fully understand how the drain field works and how and why to keep it operating efficiently. Here at Brandon Septic, we are happy to help our customers in the Valrico, Florida area learn more about the drain field and its vital role in filtering wastewater before it enters the soil and groundwater.

The biggest concern with the drain field is that it won’t always let you know there is a problem. By the time the bacteria and contamination have reached your well water or damaged the soil, it is a far bigger problem to deal with. Building codes are designed to keep that from happening, but that doesn’t mean it can’t if you forego regular maintenance and inspections of your septic system.

We recommend having the entire septic system, including the drain field, inspected every couple of years or sooner if you suspect a problem. While you can go 3 to 5 years between septic tank pumping visits, that is too long between inspections. Another thing we want to share with you is that it is often possible to repair a drain field rather than replacing it, so if you’ve been told you need the latter, call us for a second opinion.

We also welcome your phone calls when you need advice about how to keep your drain field in top condition. The main factors to know are to not drive over or park on the drain field; never flush non-biodegradable materials or put fat, grease or oil down the drain; and avoid planting trees and other landscaping too close to the drain field. Call today for more tips for preserving your drain field or to schedule an appointment to resolve a problem or have it inspected.


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