Leach Field, Brandon, FL

In addition to leach field services, we provide a variety of other septic services.

Leach Field in Brandon, Florida

Every septic system contains several necessary components to process, treat, and store waste. One of these components is the septic tank, and another is the drain field. The drain field is also called a leach field and includes a set of perforated pipes buried beneath the ground, often within a layer of gravel that provides extra filtration. After liquid waste moves through a drain of your home, it goes into the tank, where it is treated and rises to the top. From the tank, it moves through another set of pipes and into the leach field. It can then drain out of the perforations in these pipes, where it re-enters the soil.

Since the leach field allows the liquid waste in your septic system to exit, it’s a very important component. If anything is awry within this section of your system, it could allow untreated wastewater to contaminate the ground, potentially impacting the drinking water for your home and your neighbors. It’s not always easy to know if something isn’t working properly within the leach field, but our team at Brandon Septic can help. Our experienced technicians can perform routine inspections to ensure that all components within your system are in good condition and protecting your environment while serving their purpose.

In addition to leach field services, we provide a variety of other septic services. We’ve been serving both residential and commercial clients in the Brandon, Florida area for over three decades. You can rely on our team to take care of all your septic drain cleaning, repair, pumping, and maintenance needs.

At Brandon Septic, we offer leach field services in Brandon, East Tampa, Seffner, Plant City, Valrico, Bloomingdale, Mango, Sydney, Lithia, and University, Florida.