Keep Your Septic Pump System in OrderMost people don’t know how fragile a septic system is. The main reasons for calling a septic pump technician are backups or clogs caused by disrespecting toilets. If you notice these things happening, you should call Sam Dean at Brandon Septic right away.

However, the preventative approach is always best, so here are some ways to keep your septic pump and toilet in great working order:

  • Use septic-safe toilet paper: Make sure it’s single-ply because it will break down easier than higher-ply paper. Also, there is some concern that dyes used in toilet paper can cause septic problems, so avoid using colored tissue.
  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet: Many people think that disposable diapers and wet wipes can be flushed down toilets. This is not true. They do not break down the way that toilet paper does, and they will soon clog up your drains and damage the septic pump. Even the manufacturers of these products have recognized there are issues, so be very careful.
  • Use an all-natural toilet cleaning product: Most natural cleaning products are safe for septic systems and won’t kill the good bacteria needed to break down waste.
  • Don’t use additives: Don’t let anyone coerce you into buying additives. These products, of which there are hundreds, are fads or gimmicks. Even though extravagant claims have been made about many of them, the truth is that a well-maintained system does not need any additive.

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