Water Conservation Tips for Owners of Residential Septic SystemsResidential septic systems have a limited capacity for wastewater. If you use septic on your property, it’s absolutely essential that you avoid overloading your system and do your best to conserve water. Here are our best tips for residential septic systems and water conservation:

  • Fix leaks—We can’t tell you how many times we service residential septic systems where there’s a leaky faucet or toilet in the home. Not only can minor leaks waste water and make your water bill higher than it needs to be, but they can also contribute to problems with your septic system.
  • Run the washer and dishwasher when full—How many times have you run the dishwasher when it was only half full or turned on your washer when only a few pieces of clothing were in it? In order to conserve water, make a commitment to yourself to only run these appliances when they’re full.
  • Space out your laundry—If you do load after load of laundry, you could put too much pressure on your septic system. Try to space out your loads of laundry throughout the week.

Get your family on board—To help out your septic system, everyone in your family needs to be committed to conserving water. Let them know what steps they should take to do this and help them develop water-saving habits that benefit your septic system.