SepticYour septic system is made up of several different parts that keep it running on a daily basis. Although there are many parts that contribute to your system’s functionality, here are the four main ones you should know about:

  • The primary drain line—This line is the part that connects your home’s plumbing system to your septic tank. It’s important to be careful about what goes through your pipes, as anything that’s too big can get stuck in this drain line.
  • The septic tank – When wastewater leaves your home, it eventually makes its way to your septic tank. Here, the solid waste from your system floats to the bottom, and the effluent flows out of your tank through an outlet pipe.
  • The distribution box –Your system’s distribution box is the part that is responsible for moving the effluent from your septic tank to your property’s drain field. This box is also designed to control how effluent is distributed to your drain field’s pipes.
  • The drain field –Once the wastewater makes its way out of your septic tank, it makes its final stop at your property’s drain field. Here, the rest of the wastewater treatment process continues. The majority of the wastewater that left your septic tank will eventually be absorbed into the soil of your drain field.

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