saturation from the rain affecting the septic system causing the septic problems

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve been managing your septic system for a while now, there are a few things you might not consider that could be causing septic problems. Florida’s Department of Health offers a state-specific guide for septic tanks. Here are a few of the tips they offer:

  • Visitors & Guests – While it may sound a bit harsh, sometimes guests simply don’t know what is okay to flush and what isn’t. Not only that, but extra visitors will also cause you to see an increase or overuse of wastewater. This can also happen when running multiple machines at once.
  • Hurricane & Rain Season – This is a special factor for our Florida residents to take into consideration. Whether it’s physical damage from a hurricane or the saturation from the rain affecting the septic system causing the septic problems, it’s wise to put forth the same practices as you would with visitors. Avoid running multiple machines at once—you may even consider creating a laundry schedule. Also, make sure not to flush or rinse anything down the drain that may cause clogging.
  • Maintenance & Septic Pumping – Living in Florida has a lot of benefits when it comes to septic systems, but the biggest is that we don’t have to deal with freezing or busted pipes. That being said, like all septic tanks, it can become full and will need to be pumped. It is a good rule of thumb to schedule a septic pumping every 3-5 years.
  • System Design & Build – It may be that the system is simply old or built poorly from the beginning, especially if you’ve already been performing regular maintenance and caring for the system properly.

Top 5 Causes of Septic Problems

Even though septic systems in Florida have many benefits compared to northern states that suffer harsh winters, we more than make up for it during the hurricane season. Follow these tips and don’t forget to schedule your regular inspection. However, if you notice any leaks or suspicious areas of water, it’s important to have an inspection sooner.

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