Clogged Drain

It’s important to remember that daily maintenance for the systems in your home is the best way to keep everything functioning optimally. You’ll find that if you are careful and follow expert advice, you’ll experience fewer emergency situations.

Here are our best tips for avoiding a clogged drain:

  • Follow strict rules about what can be flushed down the toilet. Nothing should be flushed other than toilet paper and waste. Do not flush Q-tips, cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, cigarettes, floss, paper towels, wipes, or anything else.
  • Follow strict rules about what can be put in the garbage disposal and down drains. Avoid putting food down your sink, especially anything greasy or that expands (like rice or pasta). Avoid putting excessive amounts of peels or other fibrous parts of vegetables down the drain
  • Regularly have your drains inspected and cleaned.

The reason it is so important to avoid clogged drains is because clogs can result in backups of sewage into your home. They can also lead to burst pipes or overwhelmed septic systems. By avoiding clogged drains, you’re much better able to keep your home safe and running properly.

Sam and our team of technicians are available at any time for emergency septic issues. However, we know that much less stress and damage are caused if you’re able to maintain your home through proper maintenance. If you follow these guidelines, then you’ll be much less likely to have emergencies.

Make sure you take care of your home, and your septic system. To find out more about avoiding a clogged drain, get in touch with us today!