we know a thing or two about septic repair

With over 30 years of experience at Brandon Septic, we know a thing or two about septic repair, and one of the biggest aspects is prevention. Just like you may take some Vitamin C when you feel a tickle on the back of your throat, it’s good to exercise preventative care with your septic system as well. Below are a few tips of how to practice septic repair.

What You Can Do

  • Prevention is Best – Your toilet isn’t a trash can. It’s easy to forget this, especially when we’re in a rush or we want to get rid of something smelly or messy as fast as possible. It’s better to take the extra few steps to the trash can outside than toss something in the toilet. If you have grease or oil, let it harden first and throw it in the trash, rather than pouring it down the sink.
  • Schedule Septic Inspections – Another great preventative method is scheduling septic inspections, even when you don’t notice anything wrong. It is recommended that these inspections happen every 3-5 years, especially because that is the time frame in which septic tanks usually need to be pumped.
  •  Septic Pumping – Septic tanks need to be pumped every 3-5 years, depending upon use. No matter how great your preventative care, this is a requirement of a septic system.

When prevention fails, it’s best to reach out to a septic company. Sam, our owner, has been serving the Florida area for over three decades. We specialize in both residential and commercial systems. Call us today and save money– check out our special internet offer!