Sewage Systems: When Are Inspections Needed?Different states have varying requirements for inspections of sewage systems. At Brandon Septic in Brandon, Florida, our septic contractor, Sam Dean, has a network of certified inspectors across our service area to perform inspections quickly and professionally. On completion, you will be given a detailed report.

So when are inspections required in Florida, apart from the obvious, namely when selling or buying a new property? Here’s what one of our customers recently said:

I’m planning to add a room onto my home. I was told by the building department that I need to have the existing septic system approved before a permit would be issued. Surely I don’t need this because it won’t be air conditioned?

Here’s what the law says: If you are adding on to an existing home, you must have the existing septic system inspected. The inspection procedure of sewage systems is required to establish if the existing system is large enough to cope with the addition. Open or screened decks and patios, exterior storage sheds, carports and garages are excluded. Heating or air conditioning of the addition is irrelevant to this requirement.

What about businesses? The statute in Florida requires that all businesses using septic sewage systems obtain approval from their local health department whenever there is a change of ownership, tenant, or type of business. Septic systems are sized according to the type of operation that’s connected to the system. A change in operational methods could alter the sewage characteristics and/or increase the sewage flow, which may result in expensive repairs and sanitary nuisance caused by premature failure of the system.