Everyone knows that if you don’t keep up with routine automobile maintenance (like oil changes and inspections), before long, your vehicle will require expensive repairs or even need to be replaced entirely. The same is true for septic systems. In order for their septic tanks to remain healthy, homeowners should be sure to have septic tank maintenance performed regularly.

How Often Do You Need Septic Tank Maintenance?

The question then becomes, how often should septic pumping and other septic tank maintenance be done?  The answer will depend on a couple of factors. The age of the system is one factor, and how well it has been maintained in the past is another.  A professional septic contractor can inspect your system and advise you on the best course of action.
How Often Do You Need Septic Tank Maintenance?

Generally speaking, a septic system should be checked every 12 to 24 months. How often you will need someone to perform septic tank maintenance or pumping will depend on the size of the household and other lifestyle considerations. Drain cleaning is another septic service that may be needed from time to time.

To avoid septic problems, you should also understand how your system works and what actions can damage or weaken septic systems. One advantage of hiring a qualified company for septic tank maintenance is that they can provide education about septic systems.  They can show you exactly where your drain field is so you can keep vehicles, trees, and other heavy items away from the area and avoid damaging it. They can also tell you which products and items should never be flushed or drained into a septic tank. Scheduling regular residential septic services is easy and far less costly than septic system repair.

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