Drain Field

There are many different parts of your septic system that work together on a daily basis. If one of these aspects of your septic system is damaged, it will affect the rest of the system relatively quickly. A septic tank drain field is very important to the overall health and function of the system because it allows liquid waste to be distributed and filtered several feet underground.

Drain fields are made up of parallel pipes that take care of emptying and draining aspects. If your drain field is plugged by contaminants or damaged by heavy objects above ground, it can lead to major problems that require extensive repair. Grease, oil, and other chemicals can turn into clogs in your drain field and cause damage to the pipes. Parked cars and even storage sheds located over your drain field can cause pipes to shift or get damaged, which can then lead to backup and improper draining. Small, everyday things like putting waste down the sink or letting a car sit over your drain field too long can lead to major problems and expenses.

At Brandon Septic, we know how important your septic tank drain field is to the rest of your septic system. When you are faced with a drain field problem, call our expert team to take care of it. We are ready to handle any drain field repair or replacement, and we are committed to making the process as easy for you as possible. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you get your drain field working how it should be.