Septic Pump

Because septic systems can be quite complex, it may be difficult to know exactly what you need when installing a new septic system. Location, the layout of your property, and many other factors have to be considered to know what system will work best for your home or business. Each of these factors can make a difference in installing a septic pump or a different kind of alternative system.

The location of your home or business is very important when determining if a septic pump is necessary. Some systems just use gravity to move waste through the pipes, but in situations where that isn’t possible because of the location or layout of your property, a septic pump will need to be installed to help move the waste. Without it, waste will build up and cause major problems for the rest of the system.

With a septic pump, it is also important to know the legal requirements for your area. Sam or one of our other team members can explain these to you and make sure your system complies with them, so you will never run into trouble over that aspect.

If your system requires a septic pump, it will also require some maintenance. At Brandon Septic, we are happy to schedule annual maintenance checks with you, so our professional team can make sure your septic pump is working at its best each year. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your septic pump and prevent a variety of problems.

If you have questions about whether your septic system requires a septic pump, call us at Brandon Septic today. We will help you determine the needs of your home or business and complete any installation, repair, or replacements with the highest quality and service. Contact us today!