Quality Septic System RepairThe septic system repair crew headed by Sam Dean at Brandon Septic in Brandon, FL, can handle all septic problems. We can repair and replace distribution boxes and lines, build up collars for covers, install new covers, and more – in fact, whatever septic solutions you require, Sam’s got you covered! Plus, when you have your system serviced, it will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that all components are in good working order.

  • Cover Replacement: At Brandon Septic, safety is #1 in priority. Sam wants to make sure that your septic tank cover isn’t a potential hazard. A technician will inspect the cover for any signs of weakness, and if a problem is discovered, he’ll recommend a replacement. We can handle the replacement of any shape and size cover.
  • Tank Seal: If you’re having issues with low levels in your system, one of our septic system repair technicians can inspect it for holes, leaks or cracks. We’ll also try to seal the tank in an effort to save the system.
  • Baffles, Inlet/Outlet T’s and Distribution Box: We can repair or replace all these.
  • Build Up: Some systems have covers deeply entrenched underground. To prevent problems during servicing, our septic system repair crew can install a Build Up (a.k.a. Riser) to raise the cover level on, or close to, the surface. This helps save money on digging costs, while also preventing the occurrence of other septic problems.
  • Line Repair/Replacement: We can repair any crack or break to the main line from your house to the septic tank.