Septic System MaintenanceWhen it comes to septic system maintenance, you realize that you need to get your septic tank pumped regularly and your system inspected on a consistent basis. However, there are a few septic system maintenance tasks you can do right in your own kitchen to better maintain your septic system as a whole.

  • Always Use a Strainer- If your kitchen sink doesn’t already to have a strainer to go with it, get one. A strainer will easily keep solid food particles and other things that can clog up your septic system out of your pipes to begin with.
  • Ditch Your Garbage Disposal- Although having and using a garbage disposal is a nice convenience, you should probably refrain from using the one in your kitchen if your property uses septic. This is because, even though your garbage disposal might grind up food particles into smaller pieces, these pieces of food still have the potential to cause problems with your septic system. Play it safe and throw your food scraps into the garbage can instead.
  • Never Let Grease Go Down the Drain- Grease is one of your septic system’s worst enemies. When grease gets down into your septic system, it can harden and cause severe clogs that could threaten the functionality of your system. Make a commitment to septic system maintenance by never pouring grease into your toilet or down your kitchen sink.

If you want more septic maintenance tips like these, contact us at Brandon Septic. We’re here to help you keep your septic system in good shape for many years to come.