What Happens During the Septic Pumping Process?
Septic pumping is an extremely important part of maintaining your septic system as a whole. Since we value client education here at Brandon Septic, we want to give you a basic overview of what happens during the septic pumping process:

  • The first step of the septic pumping process involves locating your tank’s access lids. If you aren’t sure where they are, don’t worry. We would be happy to locate them for you.
  • After we locate the access lids, we uncover them and take note of how much liquid is in your tank compared with the amount of liquid in the outlet pipe. If the liquid in the tank is greater than the liquid in the outlet pipe, you should have had your tank pumped sooner.
  • We will then lower a vacuum hose into your septic tank and start the actual pumping process. The hose we use is directly attached to one of our trucks, which has an area that collects the waste from your system.
  • Once we are done pumping your tank, we will begin the cleaning process. During this part of the pumping process, we loosen hardened sludge from the perimeter of your tank, so we can successfully remove it.

After we clean out your tank, the final step involves inspecting your septic tank for any leaks and cracks. If we find anything out of the ordinary, we will let you know what repair steps should be taken.