Septic Pumping: How Often Is it Needed?Most people never really think much about where the waste goes when the toilet is flushed or the bathtub is drained, and people with septic systems are no different. They likely realize that it is all staying on their property rather than being whisked off to some unknown land far away, but how it all works is a mystery to most.

The main misconception about septic systems is that they have a large holding tank that holds all that waste until a septic contractor with a large truck is called to empty it. This is not the case, although septic pumping services are necessary from time to time. What they are really cleaning out when they perform septic pumping is the sludge and scum that doesn’t get processed by the system’s components.

It is a lucky thing that a septic system is able to process waste so efficiently; otherwise, it would need to be pumped out at least every few months. Just ask anyone that has a system that is not working right and they can tell you about that! So then the question becomes just how often is septic pumping necessary with a healthy system?

The answer to that is “it depends.” No two families are exactly the same either in number or in lifestyle. The only real way to know it is time for septic pumping is to look at the sludge level, and since a homeowner should never open the lid to their septic tank by themselves due to potentially toxic fumes, it should only be determined by the inspection of a septic contractor.

The typical time period between cleanings is anywhere from one to three years, so the best plan is to have the system inspected annually. Even if the tank does not need to be pumped at that time, other necessary maintenance issues can be taken care of, including inspecting the drain field and cleaning the drains. Once a pattern has been established, the septic contractor can better recommend a schedule for getting septic pumping accomplished in a timely manner.


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