Septic PumpingWhen wastewater leaves your home, it makes its way through your drainage pipes and into your septic tank prozac 20 mg. Here, the solid waste settles at the bottom, the lighter oils and fats settle at the top, and a clear layer of liquid settles in the middle. Over time, this liquid layer flows out of your tank’s outlet pipe and into your drain field. However, the solid waste usually stays in your tank.

As time passes, the amount of solid waste inside your septic tank will get bigger and bigger, until there isn’t any more room for wastewater. To prevent sewage backups that occur because your septic tank is full of waste, it’s critical that you have septic pumping done on a regular basis.

Typically, our owner, Sam, recommends having septic pumping done every 3-5 years. However, other factors can affect how often you need to have this service performed. These include the number of people who live in your house, how large your septic tank is, and the amount of water you use on a daily basis.

Remember, if your septic tank doesn’t get pumped out regularly, it won’t be able to receive any more waste from your home. As a result, you might end up with a serious septic problem on your hands.

When you ask yourself whether septic pumping is really even that important, the answer to that question will always be “yes.” To make your life easier, at Brandon Septic, we’re currently offering a great deal on septic pumping.