Septic Pumping Is Important to Maintaining a Healthy SystemRoutine septic pumping is crucial in maintaining a healthy system. While there’s no way to completely prevent a buildup of sludge, regular servicing keeps it at a level that’s manageable. A septic system should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that it remains healthy. Also, regular servicing helps identify potential problems lurking under the surface.

Our septic contractor, Sam Dean, and the rest of our technicians at Brandon Septic know how to spot warning signs that homeowners won’t see. We believe that maintaining a septic tank system is easy if you follow the simple maintenance program below:

Regular Septic Pumping

Several factors come into play when determining how often septic pumping is required. The age of the system needs to be taken into account, as well as the number of people in your household, the amount of laundry being done, and how often the garbage disposal is used prozac online. Every system is different. What’s right for your neighbor’s system may not be right for yours. Call us at Brandon Septic and have one of our technicians visit you to discuss septic solutions, as well as the appropriate frequency of pumping for your system.


If a filter was installed with your septic system, it should be cleaned at every service. This is just as important as septic pumping. If you don’t have a filter, perhaps you should consider getting one installed. It will help prevent septic problems by acting as a strainer to keep grime, grit, hair and other particles that haven’t yet been broken down in the tank from entering the drain field.