Make Sure Your Septic Pump Keeps Working with Regular Septic Pump Maintenance
Maintaining a septic system is similar to maintaining your vehicle. Would you drive your car or truck for years without ever taking it into the mechanic for a tuneup? The same is true for septic systems. You shouldn’t go several years without making sure that necessary septic pump maintenance is taken care of.

For example, if you own a vehicle, you probably get your oil changed every three to four months. In addition to this regular oil change, you may also change out your air filters, add some windshield wiper fluid, and make sure your tires are properly inflated. Septic pump maintenance is similar to getting regular oil changes. You will need to get periodic checks done on your system. Every few months, you should have your septic system company come over and make sure that all of the inlets and the outlets of the tank are in working condition and all the pumps are operating correctly.

Would you ever put soda, water, or other harmful substances into your car’s gas tank? Just like you should only put gas into your car, you should only let toilet paper and waste get flushed down into your septic system. You should avoid letting substances like coffee grounds, sanitary napkins, diapers, cooking grease, and anything else that you question from getting down into your septic tank and clogging the system.

When you make septic pump maintenance a priority, you can avoid costly repairs and the hassle of living with a septic system that isn’t functioning correctly. Call Sam at Brandon Septic if you need advice, repairs, or any other kind of assistance with your septic system.