Septic Pump
There are many things that people do to take care of their septic systems. For example, you might space out your laundry days, never flush bleach down the drain, and even use your garbage disposal with extreme caution. Sometimes, you might wonder if there’s anything else you can do to protect our investment and groundwater. If you’re wondering if a septic pump is right for your system, our team here at Brandon Septic can help.

Septic pumps are extremely helpful in certain situations, and rarely used in other systems, so it’s important that you determine if one is really right for you. Septic system professionals like our team at Brandon Septic can give you a better idea if septic pumps are going to be beneficial in your system.

For example, if your septic tank is placed below grade of your drain field, a septic pump might be very beneficial in helping pump the effluent water out of the tank and uphill to the drain field. Additionally, if you prefer to do laundry all on one day, you might find that your septic system becomes overwhelmed with wastewater. Because septic systems need time to work, a sudden influx of water can cause a flooding issue. Septic pumps can help ensure that excessive water is pumped out before it causes serious damage.

If you’d like to know more about septic pumps and whether one would be right for your septic system, we want to help. Please come talk to us at Brandon Septic. Our owner Sam loves to interact with all his customers, so contact us today!