Septic Drain Cleaning – No Digging Required!If a bathroom or toilet drain is blocked, it might not be necessary to pump the tank. Instead, we at Brandon Septic in Brandon, Florida offer cutting-edge drain cleaning services to clear clogged drains by snaking or jetting. Also, we use cameras to detect problems from inside a drain. Our technicians are trained to diagnose septic problems and provide the best septic solutions.

Video Camera Inspections

We use tiny video cameras that allow us to diagnose issues in sewer lines without the need to dig up your yard, distribution box, pipes etc. The cameras can determine if there’s a root issue, a crack in a line, or a break.

Jetting and Snaking

If the blockage is soft, our drain cleaning team uses high-pressure water jetters to blast through and clear the obstruction. If the blockage is hard, our guys can ‘snake’ through the lines to get your drains flowing freely again. If you’ve had your system serviced and are still experiencing slow drains or toilets, we may need to clear a clog in a line. We are also able to remove overgrown roots from drain lines.

If you are on a municipal sewer and are experiencing blockages with the main plumbing line that leads to the municipal line, we can send our drain cleaning team to jet your lines out to the municipal sewer. In fact, many of our customers schedule annual jetting to prevent blockages. Hair, soaps, grease buildups and other household debris will, over time, cause sludge to accumulate in the main line, which could cause a blockage.

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