Septic CleaningWhile advances in technology are great, often times relying on computerized equipment can be frustrating, especially if it breaks. Septic systems, thankfully, are not complex at all, as nothing is operated by power, but gravity instead. Thus, septic cleaning is a pretty straightforward process, as well.

To understand the septic cleaning process, it’s important to have a basic understanding of a septic tank and what is inside. When waste water from your house (and all the other stuff that gets flushed, washed down, or drained) enters the septic tank, it is referred to as septage. The septage is separated by gravity, as the solids sink to the bottom of the tank. This solid matter that sinks to the bottom is called sludge.

The lighter stuff (grease, etc.) floats to the top and is called scum.

As the sludge sinks and the scum floats, the water in between is actually pretty clear and is eventually absorbed back into the soil. When you schedule a septic cleaning with us, Sam or one of our other professionals will come to help break up the buildup of sludge that occurs over time and may be causing a blockage. Breaking up the buildup is done by putting bacteria into the septic tank. The bacteria are vital, as they slowly start to eat away at the sludge, allowing water to flow better. Depending on how bad your buildup is, you may need a very aggressive form of bacteria.

Unfortunately, septic cleaning is not a quick fix, but may take a few days or even weeks for the bacteria to do its job. Once we diagnose the current state of your septic tank, we can give you a better idea of what the process will entail for you. Contact us today at Brandon Septic and ask for Sam for all your septic cleaning needs.