Drain Field in Brandon, Florida


Let’s start out with a basic definition of what exactly we mean when we say “drain field”. This is a part of your septic system that essentially filters sewer water so it is safe once it enters the groundwater again.

Now that you understand a little bit better what a drain field actually is, we can discuss when it may be better to repair versus replace your drain field. Generally, if everything is properly installed and maintained, your drain field should last about twenty years. If you’re getting close to that time frame, replacement may be the better investment. You certainly don’t want to spend money on fixing something that will just need to be fixed again or replaced in a short period of time. The better job you do at having your septic system regularly maintained, the longer each of the working parts will last.

It’s good reference to know the typical lifespan of a drain field and what you should expect with fixing it. Repairs will be less expensive than a full replacement, but could be all that you need to get everything working again. For example, you may have issues with a pipe that need to be addressed, rather than a problem with the actual drain field.

You’ll want to make sure the repairs are a long-term fix, though, and that it won’t be something you’ll need to have done multiple times. At Brandon Septic, Sam and the rest of our team can help you figure out the maintenance schedule that will work best for you and that will keep your drain field working at peak performance.