Brandon Septic_Logo_2_300 faviconClogged drains are a frustrating part of home ownership. Whether the water is completely blocked off from draining or the draining is a slow trickle, it’s important to know what is causing the clog because each clogged drain needs to be treated differently. Here are six possible causes of your clogged drain:

  1. Hair- Whether your hair is long or short, it can clump together in a thick ball so water cannot flow through it.
  2. Soap– This problem is less likely when liquid soaps are used, but if you are using solid soaps, the soap scum can build up enough to cause slower draining and clogged pipes.
  3. Toys- If you have children, it probably doesn’t surprise you when you find mini cars or Legos in the sink or toilet. Sometimes larger toys might end up down the drain, causing extreme and hard-to-remove blockage.
  4. Food– Food is the most common blockage for kitchen sinks, whether a disposal is installed or not. Some food, like fruit pits, can cause major blocking in the pipes, and they only get more and more backed up with more food being put in the drain.
  5. Too Much Toilet Paper– If your toddler or your cat put the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet and tried to flush, this can cause blocked pipes and even overflow.
  6. Heavy Liquids– Heavy liquids like fats and oils do not readily go down the drain. These should never be put down a drain, but disposed of in a garbage can instead.

No matter what might be causing your clogged drain, Sam or one of our other experts at Brandon Septic can fix it. We offer a wide variety of services, including unclogging drains. For more information, please contact us. We proudly serve Brandon, Florida and the surrounding area.