Drain Field

When it comes to septic systems, many of us need to acquire a certain amount of information to properly maintain and own one. However, there are still some questions that we don’t know the answers to, especially when it comes to further down the line. That’s why owner Sam and our team here at Brandon Septic have come up with a little question and answer session for all septic system owners regarding the care and keeping of their drain field.

Q: What is a drain field?

A: While this one might seem a bit foolish, if you’re new to septic ownership, it’s completely valid! The drain field is a series of pipes that allow grey water to seep into the ground, percolate through the soil, and return to the groundwater as safe water.

Q: What can you do to maintain a drain field?

A: Because a drain field isn’t built to be sturdy and solid like your septic tank, you need to be more careful around your drain field. Never drive or park on your drain field since this can crush the pipes. You should also never plant trees or plants over your drain field. Outbuildings are off limits, too! Basically, your drain field wants to be carefully ignored to function best.

Q: How do you know if there are problems with the drain field?

A: When septic problems arise, they often do so in highly unpleasant ways! The same is true with your drain field. Very green and rapidly growing grass, flooding, a squishy lawn, and foul odors are all signs that you have a drain field problem.