It’s important to fix your grease traps quickly

Here at Brandon Septic, Sam and the rest of our team are experts in pretty much everything to do with your plumbing and septic system, including your grease traps. Many people who have a septic system may forget that putting grease or foods down your sink is a big “no-no!” Putting greasy foods down the sink and into your plumbing and septic system can not only disrupt the bacteria that break down sludge in your septic tank but can also eventually lead to back up into your drains.

It’s important to fix your grease traps quickly when you notice that sinks are not draining properly anymore to try and limit the amount of food and grease waste that can accidentally make it down your system and into your septic tank to disrupt your system. Let our professionals at Brandon Septic fix your grease traps for you, since this simple issue can lead to much bigger ones if not handled correctly.

We can also help you learn what you can do to keep from causing issues with your grease traps in your system moving forward. Mainly, do something else with your leftovers than put them down your sink. If you have a septic system, you shouldn’t have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink drain. Just leave the grease out of your septic system from now on!