The drain field is the last line of defense your septic system

Do you have a septic system? Whether owning a septic system is old news to you or you are new to owning a septic system, the ability to take care of all the parts, including the drain field, can make a big difference in how your septic system handles your wastewater. The drain field is the last line of defense your septic system has before gray water enters the groundwater, so it’s important to treat this part of your septic system with great care. At Brandon Septic, our owner, Sam, has a few tips for you!

When it comes to caring for your drain field, there are several things you can do to ensure that the area maintains an efficient draining process. For starters, don’t overwhelm your septic system with a lot of excess water. This can be anything from doing several loads of laundry in one day to using the wrong kind of detergent or even something as simple as letting a downspout from your home run onto your drain field. All of these things give your drain field more water than it can handle, causing flooding and other issues.

Another thing that you can do to care for your drain field is keep heavy objects off of it. Don’t ever drive your car or truck over your drain field, avoid planting trees or shrubs on your drain field, and clearly mark the area somehow so others know to do the same.

As for placement, a drain field benefits from being below the grade of your septic system and in a clear, out-of-the-way area. If you live on a graded property and the drain field will be above the tank, make sure to get a quality septic pump