prepare for your septic tank pumping is your budget

Whether you have grown up with a septic system or are new to septic ownership, there are always things that you can learn about taking care of your septic system. Knowing good maintenance and septic system care tips goes a long way to keeping the health and balance of your septic system where it needs to be. Here at Brandon Septic, we have a few tips that you can use when you have a scheduled time coming up for your septic tank pumping.

According to our owner, Sam, one of the most important things is to know where everything is located. While this might sound silly, if you are new to the home or the area, you might not actually know where the parts of your septic system are located. Asking former owners or septic installers to draw out a small map for you to reference when needed can save you many times over from planting trees or working over your system. Additionally, it helps save time in finding your tank for septic tank pumping.

Another thing you’ll need to prepare for your septic tank pumping is your budget. Depending on the size of the tank, level of waste, and many other factors, the average tank can cost anywhere between $300-$600 to pump. Call ahead of time and ask for a quote, and then prepare your budget for that amount and small contingency in case minor repairs are needed.

Here at Brandon Septic, we would love to help you with your septic tank needs, including septic tank pumping. Please let us know what we can do for you!