Brandon SepticSeptic systems remove solids from wastewater that goes down drains, including waste from the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms in your home.

A properly sized tank can safely store about 3 years’ worth of scum and sludge. If you go beyond this period and your tank fills up, the clear wastewater stays in the tank for less time than it should because there isn’t enough space for it. When this happens, the process of removing solids becomes less efficient, and an increased amount of solids travels to the soil absorption area (drain field).

When excessive sludge builds up and solids escape to the drain field, your septic system can fail. Failure leads to wastewater welling up on the surface of your yard, causing potentially hazardous wet spots or causing wastewater to back up into your home. The only way to prevent this is through periodic septic cleaning and pumping. The material pumped out is called septage.

To achieve the greatest benefit from septic cleaning, have the procedure done every few years on the day before you and your family leave home for your annual vacation. This will allow the entire system, especially the drain field area, to dry out while you’re gone. Also, any partially decomposed waste that may have traveled to the drain field will decompose quickly in the absence of water.

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