A septic tank installation is generally handled in one of two ways – the entire system is below ground, including the lid, or there is a riser to position the lid at ground level. Obviously, the latter type is pretty easy to locate when it comes time for septic tank repair. With the other type, however, there could be anywhere from a few inches to a foot or more of dirt on top of the lid find more information. This is when it gets a little tricky to locate. Below are a few ways in which it can be done.

How to Locate Your Septic System for Septic Tank Repair

  1. How to Locate Your Septic System for Septic Tank RepairObtain a diagram If you know the company that installed the system, they may still have copies of the plans that were drawn up when getting the initial county permit. The county itself may also have a copy. This diagram will tell you the location of the septic tanks, as well as where the lid is. If you septic system was installed before permits were needed or before records were maintained, this option won’t work.
  2. Look for a sign A previous homeowner may have marked the location of your septic tank in some way, such as a small flag or perhaps some type of lawn ornament. You might also be able to locate it because it may be a bit lower than surrounding areas.
  3. Locate the tank first If you know where the sewer pipe exits the home, you can usually follow it to the septic tank. It will always be at least five feet away from the house. Once in the general area, you can use a piece of metal rebar to probe the ground until it strikes the hard surface of the tank. Depending on when the system was installed, it will have either one lid in the center or two lids at opposite ends.
  4. Call a professional – Even if you find it, never try to open your septic tank by yourself! You should use an experienced septic contractor to do any septic tank repair. They are also quite skilled at locating the tank and lid, should you have trouble figuring out where it is.

Once it is found and the septic tank repair or cleaning has been accomplished, before that lid is covered and again becomes just part of the lawn, take a minute to note where it is located. Either draw your own diagram or put something on that spot such as a patio tile, potted plant or some other type of lawn ornament to help you remember the location in the future.


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