Many people tend to think that knowledge and experience are unnecessary when it comes to the unappreciative job of residential septic cleaning and other septic services.  This is far from the truth– only an experienced septic contractor can be trusted to do the job right. Here are a few of the situations where using a professional makes a huge difference:

Why It Is Important to Choose an Experienced Septic Contractor

  1. Why It Is Important to Choose an Experienced Septic ContractorFull Residential Septic Pumping – Most homeowners do not go out and watch the process, and thus have no idea that the unscrupulous company they hired has not performed septic cleaning correctly. A professional will always pump out all the waste, rather than leave a homeowner needing septic tank pumping again in the near future.
  2. Record Keeping – A professional septic contractor keeps records and will notify you when it the time comes for septic pumping or other septic system maintenance.
  3. Locating the Septic System – All too often, an inexperienced septic company has difficulty locating the septic system and will end up tearing up several areas of your lawn in an attempt to find it. While each system is arranged somewhat differently, an experienced company knows what to look for and will do far less damage to the lawn.
  4. Insured & Licensed – Homeowners should never allow anyone on their property that does not carry the proper licenses and insurance.  If something happens to the worker on the property, it can fall to the homeowner to cover the cost if the company is not covered.

Obviously, there are plenty of horror stories about inexperienced septic companies, including those that purposely cause septic problems so you will call them back to fix them. Sticking with an experienced septic contractor is your best bet to avoiding scams and other problems.


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