avoid grease trap problems through proper maintenance of a grease trap

Among the most noticeable of grease trap problems is the rank smell that anyone can notice emanating from the area of the floor drain closest to a grease trap, such as in a restaurant kitchen. This is not exactly a phenomenon welcome in a facility preparing your food, and depending on the location of the kitchen, an especially disconcerting experience for any customers who may receive a whiff of the poorly maintained drain.

This is easy enough to avoid if you avoid grease trap problems through proper maintenance of a grease trap. One thing to remember is that grease traps do not solve everything. They weren’t invented to be cure-alls, but more of an insurance policy against the amount of food that actually does make it down the drain. If the organic matter that makes it down the grease trap is in excess, you will have an especially difficult time with keeping the drains from smelling foul.

The grease in a grease trap will begin to stink up the establishment if the grease trap is not pumped when it gets filled to capacity, matter trapped in the trap begins to age, or gases begin to escape back into the kitchen area. Sam from Brandon Septic can assist you with the routine maintenance of your grease trap system to prevent grease trap problems. Call us today to schedule your appointment before your customers start leaving bad reviews!