septic services and maintenanceIn the dog-eat-dog world of numerous retailers and competitive consumers, when you need to purchase something, the options are usually so numerous that you’re left feeling overwhelmed by the options. Purchasing something as specialized as septic pumps is no exception. The number of brands, makes and models of septic pumps is vast, as is the price range. The most expensive septic pumps don’t necessarily mean they are the highest functioning, though neither does that mean you can feel confident in buying the cheapest one you can find. We’ve compiled a list with a few suggestions to help you in the process of purchasing septic pumps.

  • One of the cheaper septic pumps on the market that still receives high customer reviews is the Wayne RPP50 ½ HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump. This pump is efficient, but quiet, and is a good option for residential sewage pumps.
  • A middle-of-the-pack septic pump when it comes to price, is the Bur-Cam ½ HP Heavy Duty Replacement Sewage Pump. Costing about $100 more than the Wayne, this pump also receives high customer reviews and is easy to install.
  • One of the most expensive pumps available is the Zoeller M267 ½ HP Cast Iron Pump. This pump costs a little more than double the price of the Wayne. This pump is high-quality and durable from top to bottom, and customers rave that it lasts forever without needing repair.
  • The Liberty Pump LE51A is also a good option and is comparable to price to the Zoeller. Liberty pumps, though highly rated by customers, are not as frequently bought as the other top brands. These septic pumps are durable, however, and are also quiet and efficient.

These are just a few suggestions based on customer reviews, high purchase rates and price. If you are up to the task, you can really research all the septic pumps on the market today and find one that seems a perfect fit. However, if internet comparison shopping is not your thing, contact Sam at Brandon Septic. With his experience, he’ll be able to tell you which pump will best meet your needs and then help you with the installation and maintenance, as well. Call today with all your septic pump buying questions!