Explaining the Process of Rejuvenating Septic TanksThe purpose of drain fields is to remove impurities and contaminants from the liquid that emerges from septic tanks. Over time, your drain field area might not do its job properly, and special cleaning may be needed to rejuvenate the soil absorption system. According our septic contractor, Sam Dean, there are ways to approach this problem.

First, the technicians will pump the drain field to remove excess saturation. During this process, they may install a ‘port’ to allow them easy access to the field for future services. The technicians will then activate bacteria by mixing with water.

While the bacteria is activating, the technicians will hose down each line, using a high-pressure jetting machine, to start breaking up the mass of bio-material that has accumulated in the field. Then, they pour the activated bacteria into the distribution box. It is jetted down each line to make sure it spreads throughout the entire field. The bacteria will continue to grow over the next few weeks and feed on the bio-material, enabling the field to drain more easily.

Finally, when rejuvenating septic tanks, the technicians may pour additional bacteria into them before closing up. The bacteria seep out into the drain field.

Note: Clogged drain fields are the leading cause of septic tank failures and malfunctions. Many people allow these septic problems to continue because of the cost, time, and the unsightly excavation involved in replacing an exhausted field. You can avoid this by having your septic system regularly inspected and maintained.

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