Septic Tanks

Septic tanks don’t require constant maintenance or cleaning, so in general they are pretty easy to keep working properly. If you ignore the small things that help keep your septic tank clean, however, you can run into more serious problems pretty quickly. At Brandon Septic, we have seen that there are several things you can do to keep your septic tanks clean and operating smoothly. Below are some easy ways to avoid problems with septic tanks:

  • Have your septic system inspected annually, or however often is suggested for your system.
  • Make sure your septic tank is pumped when it needs to be, which is usually every three to five years. This timeline can change depending on your specific circumstances and how much your septic tank is being used.
  • Have a professional take care of any repairs or replacements involving your septic tank.
  • Don’t put harmful substances into your septic system. This includes grease, oils, paper towels, paints, chemicals, and other similar materials.
  • Cover your septic system and tank with grass. Grass allows oxygen to get into the soil to aid in sewage breakdown, where concrete or other dense materials prevent oxygen flow.

Sam and our professional technicians at Brandon Septic are here to help when it comes to inspection and pumping of septic tanks. We have over 30 years of experience, so you can expect the best when you turn to us for regular maintenance. Your septic system will continue to work as it should, and you won’t have to deal with major septic messes. Contact us today with any of your septic tank questions, and we will be happy to help!