Drain Field RepairYour drain field is a critical part of your septic system. Here, wastewater from your tank is treated and eventually absorbed into the ground. Just like any other component of your septic system, your drain field can clog and eventually fail. 

Why Do Drain Fields Clog? 

When your septic tank processes liquids, it is supposed to capture solid waste, like grease, debris, soap scum, and cooking oils. However, some of these substances can get into your drain field and build up over time. As a result, your drain field may have a difficult time processing new wastewater that makes its way into it, causing the need for drain field repair. 

Symptoms of Failure 

There are several signs that indicate you should call us to come and perform drain field repair. These include some of the following:

  • The grass that surrounds your drain field is significantly greener and lusher than the grass in other areas of your yard.
  • You can smell unpleasant odors whenever you go outside into your yard.
  • The ground that extends over the top of your drain field is mushy, soggy, or wet.
  • Small puddles of water develop near your drain field and throughout other areas in your yard.

By watching out for these symptoms that drain field repair needs to occur, you can catch problems with your drain field before they get out of hand. Our team, including our owner, Sam, is committed to helping you maintain the functionality of your entire septic system. Make sure you check out the special internet offer we currently have going on for septic system pumping.