Drain Field Repair or Replacement? Factors to ConsiderWhen you notice there are terrible odors coming from your septic tank or that sewage has started to back up into your house, you may be wondering if you need to completely replace your drain field or just have drain field repair done. Although replacing the drain field is more expensive than just repairing it, you may have to opt for replacement, depending on several different factors.

If you’ve noticed that your drain field is starting to look soggy and that drain field repair may be in your near future, try cutting down on the amount of water you use in your home and keep people and pets away from the standing water in your yard. In addition to this, get your septic tank pumped to see if this gets rid of the problem.

However, these may not be permanent solutions. The main cause of drain field failure can be traced back to the system not being pumped often enough. When a septic system doesn’t get pumped, grease and other substances grow thickly on the surface of the drain field and prohibit wastewater from efficiently separating from waste.  Unfortunately, by the time you notice this has become a problem, it is often too late for drain field repair to completely fix the issue.

Keep in mind that a drain field may fail even if you have taken necessary maintenance precautions.  If it’s been about 30 years since your drain field was installed, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

If you aren’t sure whether you should get your drain field replaced or repaired, call Sam at Brandon Septic today.