Drain CleaningSeptic systems are a great option for your rural property, whether it is commercial or residential. When our experts install a septic system, they will dig a deep hole where they can install the tank. From there, the plumbing that comes from your drains and toilets will connect to the tank by way of several components, with several more coming out the other side.

The process goes like this: as soon as something is flushed down a toilet or drain, it goes through the pipes and into the tank. The tank contains chemicals and bacteria that will process the waste, separating clean liquid from contaminated waste. The clean liquid goes out of the tank and into the drain field, where it receives additional chemical treatment before it goes back into the soil.

If any part of the septic tank stops working properly, the result will be a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. The plumbing can become clogged, the septic tank can crack, or the drain field can become overloaded with liquid. The third problem is common if too much water is running through the tank at all times, since the walls never get the chance to dry. Due to the excess of water, a film of bacteria will grow and coat the edges of the drain field, which means that water cannot seep through these pipes and exit the system. The next step after this problem is to call Sam at Brandon Septic for drain field repair.

Some of the common warning signs that your system needs drain field repair include wet spots on the ground, noises coming from drains, or clogged plumbing. If you do have a septic system, try to conserve water as much as you can, and space out usage.

If you find yourself in need of drain field repair or other septic services in Brandon, Florida, contact Sam at Brandon Septic, and he’ll be on his way to help you out.