Drain Field Repair in Brandon Florida
The septic tank drain field is very important because that is where the cleaner water from the septic tank goes to re-enter the water table. If the drain field becomes clogged, it is important for you to opt for a drain field repair. This will ensure that everything will continue to work smoothly again.

Signs of a Drain Field Problem

It can be difficult to diagnose a drain field problem. Sometimes the good microbes become so abundant that the drain field becomes clogged, causing the cleaner septic tank water from being able to drain properly from the tank. However, grease capping can cut off oxygen to the drain field, drain field piping can be broken, or tree roots can cause a problem. This is why it is important to call Sam here at Brandon Septic. He has helped many homeowners throughout Brandon, East Tampa, and beyond understand what has happened and how it can be fixed.

Drain Field Repair Options

There are different drain field repair solutions that can be implemented, such as pumping the septic tank if it needs it. There are also ways to treat the tank. There are drain field restoration techniques that can be used, but there are times when the tank may need to be moved because the drain field is beyond any type of repair. Either way, special equipment and expertise are used to make sure the job is done right.