Brandon Septic_Logo_2_300 faviconThere’s nothing like a clogged drain to put a damper on your entire day. We all recognize the importance of the toilet, but may not recognize how often we use the kitchen sink till it’s out of commission. Emergencies never seem to happen at convenient times, but there are a few of things you can do to help you clogged drain function, at least until you can get a professional to look at it.

  • Pour boiling water, vinegar and baking soda down the clogged drain. Let the mixture bubble up, and it will hopefully push some what’s clogging the drain down through the pipes.
  • Use a wire hanger to scoop stuff out. Bend the end of the hanger so it creates a hook. Be careful that you scoop, and don’t push when you are using the wire hanger. You don’t want to cause bigger problems by pushing the clog farther down into the drain.
  • Use caustic soda. Combine caustic soda and cold water together till it begins to fizz. Let it sit in the drain for 20-30 minutes to help break down the buildup.
  • Try a snake drain. Snakes are great for simple clogs. You won’t know how bad your clog is until you try to snake it. Sometimes it just takes a little “umph” to get the drain working correctly again.
  • Use dish detergent. This method works great for clogged sinks, as the soap helps break up grease.

All of these suggestions are temporary solutions. As soon as you can, call us at Brandon Septic and ask for Sam. We’ll make sure your clogged drain is fixed correctly and it’s a long-lasting fix