Septic Problems

When it comes to your home, you usually expect a certain amount of issues to arise. The water heater might break, the doors might need more insulation, or maybe the toilet will overflow at some point. What most, if not all, homeowners can agree on is the last place they want to see an issue is with their septic system! Because prevention is so important when it comes to septic problems, we have come up with a list of some problems we see frequently among septic system owners and how you can avoid them.

  • Imbalance of microbesMore than ever, we are realizing that many bacteria are useful and that too little bacteria can be problematic. This issue is none too apparent than in your septic tank. The bacteria in the tank are necessary and needed to break down solid waste products. When you flush bleach or other corrosive cleaners down the drain, it can kill these good microbes and cause problems.
  • Not frequent enough pumping of tank. Because a septic system is buried, it’s easy to forget about. However, you don’t want your tank to signal your attention with a flooded yard or backed-up drains. A septic professional can help you determine how frequently you need your septic tank pumped to prevent messy and expensive septic problems.
  • Drain field neglectA drain field is just a network of pipes that is only protected by the ground above it. When you park or drive a car over your drain field or let tree roots grow near it, you can crush your drain field pipes and cause serious damage to your system.

Here at Brandon Septic, we are here to help you prevent these common septic problems. Give Sam, our owner, a call today and let us get you started on preventative maintenance.