Drain Cleaning
A septic system requires a different level of responsibility from you as a homeowner. It is not something that is regulated on its own, and you need to know the maintenance that should be regularly performed to keep it working correctly. Understanding the importance of and making sure to schedule that maintenance will make a big difference in terms of how well your septic system runs.

Our owner at Brandon Septic, Sam, and the rest of our team highly recommend regular drain cleaning. It really is a small investment with a big pay out. From over 30 years of experience, we can assure you this is one of the best ways to avoid costly septic system repairs and replacements. There are several other reasons for this recommendation. Below, we’ve listed five benefits of draining cleaning:

  1. Less expensive repairs and replacement
  2. Your septic system will be much less likely to have serious issues if drain cleaning is done regularly
  3. You don’t have to deal with slow drains, which means less overall stress or concern about whether there is something wrong with your septic system
  4. We could identify serious issues early on if we’re doing regular drain cleaning
  5. You’ll feel more confident knowing that your drains are clean, clear of obstruction, and unlikely to cause any other issues or emergencies

We hope you’ll understand the importance of draining cleaning, and the overall impact that it has on keeping your septic system working correctly. Please contact us with any questions you may have!