The typical home has anywhere from 5 to 15 different drains, and a few simple tips can be the difference between keeping them free flowing and having to deal with a clogged drain. Here are a few ways to avoid a clogged drain:

How to Avoid a Clogged Drain

  • How to Avoid a Clogged DrainBathroom Sinks – Occasionally take out the sink stopper and clean it, as it will often trap hair and other things that have fallen into the sink. By cleaning the stopper, you prevent them from ending up in the pipe. One can also purchase and use small screen covers to place over the drain.
  • Shower Drain – After you take a shower, clean off any hair that is on top of the drain cover to keep it from going down into the drain.
  • Toilets – Do not flush paper towels, toilet paper cardboard rolls, or feminine hygiene products down the toilets, and use toilet paper that is rated safe for septic and sewage systems.
  • Kitchen Sink – Never pour grease down kitchen drains – instead, put it in a tin can, leave it on the counter until it becomes solid, and then put it into the trash. Always use sink strainers to keep food particles from ending up in the drains. When using a garbage disposal, be sure to keep cold water running while it is turned on and leave the water running a few moments after the disposal is turned off. Once a week, run plain hot water through the drains to remove any soap, grease or other buildup that may eventually cause a clog.
  • Washing Machine – Washing machines come with a feature to catch loose things that come off clothing, including hair, lint and the various things that didn’t get emptied from pockets. Know where this filter is and clean it after each load because if it becomes full, all that debris can result in a clogged drain.

Just a few moments each day of preventative maintenance can reduce your chances of a clogged drain, immensely saving time, frustration and perhaps even a plumber’s bill. An additional step that many homeowners do is occasionally have a septic contractor come out and perform an entire house drain cleaning service as a preventative measure.


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