Septic Contractor
As a septic contractor, we realize how miserable it can be to deal with a failing septic system. If you’re worried about your septic system failing, keep in mind that there are a few main causes of septic system failure and steps you can take to avoid a situation where your system might stop working.

  • Poor Maintenance- Any septic contractor will tell you that how long your septic system lasts is directly related to how well you maintain it. When you fail to maintain your system and pump your septic tank, solid waste will begin to build up inside it. This can slow down the drainage process and clog up your drain field, ultimately leading to a situation that renders your entire septic system unusable.
  • Foreign Objects Going Down the Drain- Whatever goes down your sink drains or gets flushed down your toilet also makes its way to your septic tank and out to your drain field. Keep in mind that most materials, besides organic waste and toilet paper, don’t naturally decompose in your septic tank and have to be manually pumped out. For this reason, it’s essential that you’re extremely careful about what goes down the drains in your home.

Excess Water Consumption- As your septic contractor, we cannot stress to you how important it is to proactively manage the rate at which your household consumes water. If you consistently push too much water through your septic system at one time, your system won’t hold up for as long as it should.