It can be easy to overlook something, even if you use it every day, if you don’t see how it is working.  Septic systems are one of those things we rarely think about but are really in trouble when they fail. Because septic tank repair and installation can be expensive propositions, the key is to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Below are a few tips for keeping septic systems safe and healthy.

6 Tips for Keeping Septic Systems Safe and Healthy

  1. 6 Tips for Keeping Septic Systems Safe and HealthyAvoid Grease – Do not put grease into septic systems, as it will often make its way past the septic tank and into the drain field, where it cuts off oxygen and makes a royal mess of your yard.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals – Look to septic-friendly cleaning agents that use enzymes instead of harsh chemicals. Especially avoid products that are anti-bacterial, as they kill beneficial bacteria that your septic system needs to operate safely.
  3. Never Flush Medicines – Do not discard old medications into your septic system, as they can upset the bacteria.  Keep in mind also that when family members are currently using medications, they may still be going into the system as the body flushes out its waste. This may mean your system needs extra attention by a septic contractor to improve the balance.
  4. Keep the Area Clear – Keep deep and large-rooted plants and trees far away from your septic system. Roots naturally look for water, and your system is just what they want. Also keep all vehicles away from the system, as heavy objects can severely damage it.
  5. Practice Water Conservation – Too much water in a septic system can shorten its life and keep it from operating efficiently. Conserve water whenever possible by using water-saving shower heads, repairing leaks promptly, running the dishwasher and washing machine on full loads only and not running several loads in a single day, and using water-efficient toilets. Garbage disposals may be handy, but the less you put into your septic system the better, so keep their use to a minimum. Composting is a better way to dispose of kitchen scraps.
  6. Take Advantage of Expert Advice – Talk with your septic contractor about setting up regularly scheduled residential septic services. Have them discuss with you the things that should never be flushed or put down the drains.

Knowledge is key to having septic systems last as long as possible, while operating efficiently and remaining trouble free. This will put that new septic system installation far into the future, since a healthy system can last for a very long time.


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