While some problems with septic systems are pretty apparent, there are some less obvious signs that can alert a homeowner to a problem before a component of the system fails entirely. Being able to recognize these symptoms can save you from having a major problem at the most inconvenient time.

6 Signs of Problems with Septic Systems

  1. 6 Signs of Problems with Septic SystemsOdors – Often odors that occur at the start of a septic system problem are quite faint, but they should not be ignored. There may be smells coming up through drains in the home, or they may be outside near the drain field or septic tank lid.
  2. Slow Drains – When one drain is slow, it can simply be a partially clogged drain, but when all drains in the home begin draining slowly, that is a sign of a bigger issue.
  3. Wet Areas – Spongy or soggy areas on the lawn near the septic system are usually indicative of a drain field problem.
  4. Noises – If you start noticing unusual noises with your septic system, especially gurgling from toilets when they are flushed, this can be an indicator of a problem.
  5. Backups – This is one of those very obvious signs of a problem and is cause for calling in a septic system professional immediately. This is true when backups are occurring from drains, but also if a toilet seems to constantly need plunging.
  6. Frequent Need for Septic Pumping Services – Healthy septic systems should only require septic pumping every two to three years, depending on the size of the system and the number of people in the household. If your septic tank needs pumping more often than that, one of two things is happening: either the company is not fully pumping the system and you should consider hiring a different company, or the system is not properly balanced and needs maintenance to get it operating more efficiently.

Households that have a septic contractor come out once a year for septic system maintenance can usually avoid most major septic system problems. However, knowing what to watch for can also contribute toward avoiding many of the large problems that result from neglect.


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