A clogged drain is one of those common household nuisances that, while mostly preventable, will happen from time to time. The typical homeowner often looks upon drain cleaning as something they can remedy themselves with either a drain auger or a biological or chemical drain cleaner. There are a few things that should be considered before taking these steps:

6 Tips for Keeping Septic Systems Safe and Healthy

  1. 4 Reasons Why You Need an Expert for Drain CleaningChemical drain cleaners are made of hazardous materials that are not always safe for pipes and septic systems. Furthermore, they are toxic and, if not used properly, can also pose a danger to pets and humans. Biological drain cleaners are safer, but can take longer to work or may not work at all.
  2. Households that seem to chronically experience slow and clogged drains could have a more serious problem going on that only a professional drain cleaning company can diagnose and resolve.
  3.  Stubborn clogs can often need much more than a simple auger or drain cleaner. They need equipment that would not be feasible for the typical homeowner to purchase or even rent. A septic contractor owns the right equipment needed to clear and clean pipes using hydrojet technology.
  4. Since most drain cleaning professionals can do the job quickly and inexpensively, it may be the better way to go if a busy household lacks the time to deal with the problem. This is especially true when an entire house is experiencing slow drains, indicating blockages throughout the system.

Typically a simple clogged drain is easy enough to be tackled by most homeowners, but the more difficult drain cleaning jobs should be left to the experts. They can not only take care of the issue at hand, but also perform full residential septic cleaning, thereby avoiding clogs in the future.


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