Clogged Drain
No one likes it when their drains start to clog! After all, who wants to start their day standing in the shower with all the dirty water pooling around their feet? There are many products you can use to get that water flowing again and some work better than others. The fact of the matter is, however, that sometimes a clogged drain is an easy fix and other times it is a sign of something more menacing lurking beneath the ground in your pipes. When you’re unsure of the reason behind your clogged drains, we have come up with a few helpful ways for you to determine whether or not your clogged drain is annoyance or a problem:

  1. Your clogged drain isn’t responding to usual treatmentsThere are many reasons behind a clogged drain that can be taken care of by a simple plunger or even a drain-cleaning solution. When these solutions don’t take care of the clog, it can be because the clog is further down the line than expected or that it is a clog that needs more physical interventions.
  2. Frequently clogging drainsSometimes, you have that one drain that you’re always fixing. This is often a sign that the clogged drain isn’t something that is responsive to usual treatments, at least not entirely.
  3. Foul odorsOne of the biggest issues that people encounter with their clogged drains is when the clogged drain is accompanied by a foul odor. This can indicate a much more serious problem, like backflow or a clog in your septic line.

If you are having persistent issues with clogged drains, don’t just ignore them! Give Sam, our owner, a call here at Brandon Septic and make sure that your clogged drains aren’t hiding something more sinister down the line.