Septic Pumping in Brandon, Florida
Keeping a septic tank adequately cleaned is a bit of a challenge, as a septic system actually requires a certain amount of sludge buildup. There are many details to consider with septic cleaning, but here are some basic septic cleaning tips.

1.Have your system evaluated each year.

2.Determine the frequency of septic cleaning that your system needs.

3.Be safe around your septic tank and don’t operate heavy equipment on top of it.

4.Use proper personal protective gear if you’re nearby when the septic tank is being cleaned.

5.Use water carefully in your home. The more conservative you are, the less load you put on your septic system.

6.Consult a professional about what cleaning products you use in your sinks, showers, and toilets, as some can be dangerous to the bacteria needed for your septic system to work correctly.

7.Avoid putting food down your drains.

8.Only flush toilet paper.

9.Don’t use commercial septic tank cleaning products, since they are not well regulated and could cause damage to the good bacteria in your tank.

10.Base your septic tank cleaning schedule on the size of the tank and the total number of people you have in your household.
It’s important that you have Sam or another member of our team come to inspect your tank. During that evaluation, we’ll be able to recommend how often you need to have your tank cleaned. We’ll also determine if there are any needed repairs to the system. And don’t forget to take advantage of this special offer!